WIP Deathwatch Marines

March 6, 2013


Yo! Turns out my Wife’s bosses son used to be into miniatures and after seeing the work I did on Grimgor he wanted me to paint some mini’s for his boy.  He has chosen a squad of Deathwatch Marines and this WIP chronicles my progress. The kit I am using is a standard Tactical squad […]

I lost myinnerdemon

October 13, 2012


Yo! So its been a really busy year for me and I’ve learnt such a lot.  As any regular readers of this blog will know, I set myself a target for this year.  To reach the final of any category at UKGD 2012. In this I have unfortunately failed.  I put my heart and soul […]

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Waaaaargh Grimgor!

May 3, 2012


I’ve finished the Ultramarine Sargeant and am taking a break from blue for a while and putting my learnings on blending to practice on this mini.  Where my last two models have be testers to establish my style and pallette for Marneus I am going to paint this mini to the very best of my […]

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Sat Nav engaged

April 13, 2012


So after milling around the theoretical crossroads for a while.  Chatting to some likeminded folk and all that.  I came to the conclusion that I have, for want of a better word, been faffing. The answers I seek do not lie in gassing about them….the can be found at the tip of a paintbrush or […]

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April 5, 2012


Hi guys, Every journey ultimately delivers the traveller to a junction of some sorts and the road to GD 2012 has finally brought me to one of my very own. I’ve finished my first Ultramarine test model and its thrown out some choices for me to make.  Some I have mentioned in previous posts, others […]

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WIP – Ultramarine Apothecary

March 3, 2012


Hey there guys.  Welcome to the WIP on my latest mini.  As mentioned in the last post – I want a test model for my GD entry.  I am painting the Apothecary from the Games Workshop plastic boxset. I tried to spend more time prepping this mini and found two things out.  Don’t use a needle […]

We march for Macragge!

March 3, 2012


Golden Demon 2012 run in starts here!  Baltorg the elder was a real improvement for me and I am keen to test my skills on a Games Workshop mini.  As I am painting Marneus for GD 2012 I cannot think of anything better to try than an Ultramarine. I picked up the plastic Space Marine command squad […]

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