Meet my Inner Demon

Posted on July 5, 2011


Hi there.  I’m Will and I packed in miniature painting about 20 years ago.  As a kid I really sucked at painting and eventually cut my losses and quit in favour of something easier and less frustrating.

However, through the power of the web my interest in the hobby has been rekindled and I have recently picked up my brushes again and discovered that I may have the slightest ability after all.

With this in mind I have decided to set myself a challenge as with my increasing age I need something to keep me ‘hooked’ and I welcome anyone along for the ride who wants to join me.

Let me introduce you to my Inner Demon!  I am going to enter and aim to place as a finalist at next years UK Golden Demon 2012.  I’m not talking about winning and trophies or anything grandiose like that, just place in the final and I’ll be over the moon.  Simple, modest, unambitious even, some might say but lets see how I get.  If all else fails it’ll be loads of fun along the way.

Welcome again and cheers.


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