Mighty oaks from small acorns grow

Posted on July 5, 2011


Hi guys,

If you’ve read my intro post you will have some idea of what I am working towards and ultimately, what this blog is helping me chronicle.  I’m a miniature painting loner in so much as none of my real life friends share my hobby so in am attempt to get feedback and much needed encouragement for this challengeI have turned to the worldwide web.

If anyone missed the original post a quick reminder of what you have missed….very little so far.  In a few words, I want to release my Inner Demon!!  In more detail, I am going to enter and attempt to place as a finalist at UK Golden Demon 2012.

You may have a few questions at this point and they may be some of the following:

Q) What the hell is Golden Demon?

A)  Golden Demon is a miniature painting competition run by the hobby company Games Workshop.  It’s a national event allowing the best hobby painters in the country to enter their work against each other and compete for ultimate glory.  Some of these painters have been at it for many years

Q)  What makes this challenge interesting?

A)  I am coming back to the hobby after a 20 year break and was frankly rubbish before I packed it in.  I aim to place as a finalist against the best painters in the country with little over a years painting under my belt by September 2012.

Q)  Why blog this?

A)  As mentioned above, I have no friends in this hobby so am using the web to reach out to people.  I really welcome any feedback on this blog, comments from fellow hobbyists and criticism of the work I am going to post on the way.

Q)  What’s going to be included in the blog?

A)  I’m going to be providing general brain dumps on my progress discussing what I am thinking and doing.  I’ll be providing work in progress updates and galleries and also a gallery of finished work.   As I grow and learn how to use this blog I’ll be adding to the functionality and hope to build more interactive features.

This is going to be a labour of love, frustration and hair pulling and hopefully success!  I’ll sign off for now but the next post will give you and history of my miniature painting over the last few months.

Cheers, Will.

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