Starting out

Posted on July 6, 2011


Now I’ve decided to take up this challenge I have been thinking about how I can actually achieve my goal.  Golden Demon is a year away but I have a lot of stuff to learn and practice in that time.  First things first – I need a plan.

To keep things simple I have been thinking about what category to enter at Golden Demon.   Having looked through the category list and previous winners I think that certain categories offer me a better chance than others.  This was confirmed by a fellow blogger Wiltrichs and he has won a few trophies himself so I am keen to take his advice on board. 

The categories that I can enter are here and my thinking is that I should enter one of the multiple miniature categories such as unit or regiment.  My reasoning is that the standard of painting is sooo darn high in the single miniature categories that I won’t stand a chance.

Now all I need to do is work out which I want to enter and then more importantly what I will be painting!  That’s the part I am looking forward to after that I’ll need to have a think about how I’ll be painting the minis and what skills/techniques I need to learn and practice.

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