High Elf Prince Althuan

Posted on July 8, 2011


Hey,  here is my version of High Elf Prince Althuan.  I saw Darren Lathams step by step guide in White Dwarf magazine and loved the mini so much I had to give it a shot. 

This is the first mini I painted that had a serious amount of cloak.  I layered this rather than using wet blending and although I am pleased with the results you can see the colour transitions.  I have subsequently heard of a handy technique of using a shaded glaze (mix 1:10 paint to water) that you apply after a few highlighting layers and it calms down the transitions and levels things out.  I didn’t use that technique on this guy but have tried since and it works a treat!

The face was my first attempt at this level of detail and although its not as tight as Wiltrichs who has painted a beautiful version I think I have improved my detail work.

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