The Big Decision

Posted on July 10, 2011


Hi Guys,

So last time I was looking at myinnerdemon I’d got to the point of thinking about what category I wanted to enter and more importantly what miniatures I am going to paint.  Well, you’ll be glad to hear that I have been giving this much thought and I have come to some early decisions.  I’m not massively indecisive as a person so I am thinking I’ve got this right for me at the moment but ultimately as I have sooo much time between now and Golden Demon 2012 I have plenty of chances to make changes along the way.  What I have to get right is to paint something I am really motivated as I need to enjoy this to do my best work.  If I am not enjoying a mini I tend to rush and that’s not good believe me.

So firstly lets look at the category.  I’m not into any of the Lord of the Rings mini’s so didn’t even consider anything to do with that game which leaves Warhammer and Warhammer 40k in the mix.  This is a toughie for me.  In the past I have collected Empire, High Elves, and Orks from Warhammer and I had an Orc, Space Marine and Imperial Guard army for 40k.

From the mini’s I’ve painted so far I have enjoyed my Terminator Chaplain and Terminator Captain as well as Althuan.  Overall I love painting the space marines so I am going to go with 40k.  Something about the Horus Heresey series of books really fascinates me and I love the idea of the all the genetic modifying that goes to make a Space Marine.  So category looks like it’ll be Warhammer 40k Squad.

With that decision made, I needed to work out what squad to paint.  To cut a long story short I love Ultramarines and I’ve been dying to paint some character models from that range.  I have been looking at Non Metallic Metal techniques (NMM) and found this version of Marneus Calgar on coolminiornot and I think this is one of the best miniatures I have ever seen painted.  I was so blown away when I saw this I had to have a go at him.  The best bit is that he comes with a beautifully modelled Honour Guard making up the full squad. 

I think I am going to try to paint this unit using NMM  but it’s quite an advanced technique and I’ll only use it if I can get a good grasp of it.  If not then I’ll use normal metallic painting.  Next post will look at the techniques I need to get a hang of alongside NMM and set out a strategy for the coming months.

Cheers Will

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