Marneus and Me

Posted on July 12, 2011


Marneus and me go back a long way!  After being blown away by this image of Marneus Calgar I’ve wanted to paint this guy and not stop there but to do the whole Honor Guard.  Clearly Big M is a hard b*stard (all be it a 2 inch high one) in the Games Workshop universe but he’s proving to be quite tricky in real life too.

I’ve owned this box set for a few months now and its been laying unopened in my cupboard.  Taunting me every time I went in there for my paints.  Whispering derogatory comments trying to undermine me.  belittling my skills at every turn!  Basically I’ve been too chicken to paint him until I improve my talents and it wasn’t until I started this blog that I committed to making these guys the sole focus of my challenge.  I suppose the writing was on the wall from the minute I bought him but I needed a kick up the arse.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I need to improve to make a success of this unit and the list pretty much includes most facets of miniature painting:

  • Armour – I’ll either line/blended highlights or try the real lighting approach.  The latter can be seen in the link to Marneus above.  It’s an advanced technique and one I am not sure of.  The light sourcing is the angle I cannot work out at the moment.
  • Metallics – I am 85% decided to go with Non Metallic Metal (NMM) on all the gold and silver parts.  I’m only going to do this if I can convince myself that I am up to it.  Commander Dante in my gallery was attempt 2 and although I am pleased with this miniature, I am not convinced with the ‘shine’ I’ve portrayed with the metal.
  • Detail work – Freehand on the cloak and face work is essential to make Marneus look as good as possible
  • Cloak/fabric blending – His cloak is so nice that it’d be a shame to not blend the folds to the highest standard.  I’ve not tried wet blending yet so this is something I am going to work on.
  • Basing – I’ve not really got to grips with detailed modelled bases so another area to work on.

Thats the battle plan for areas I need to focus on.  I’m going to pick specific projects to enable work on some or all of them.  For example I have bought the SternGuard Space Marine squad which I will paint as Ultramarines so practice the armour and NMM. 

Lots to do – looking like quite a difficult task when I sit here and think of everything I need to work on!

Best get painting now.  Over and out.


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