WIP – Chaos Champion

Posted on July 16, 2011


Hi guys.  This is my first work in progress (WIP) post and I’ll be updating this as I move along with this mini.  I’m going to chronicle what processes, colours and thoughts I have during the paint.

A few mini’s before this guy I painted the Chaos Lord on Juggernaut and I enjoyed working with the Khorne colours so much that I wanted to work with that scheme again.  Instead of going with the bright red armour of the lord, I opted to keep the armour dark with extreme highlights.

In painting this mini I wanted to try to progress with my cloak work and get some smoother highlights and shades compared to my Althuan model.  I also want to get a nice tight edge highlight as I may use this on Marneus.

In this image I have painted the armour only.  The colour mix is the same as on the juggernaut.  Started at 3:1 chaos black/scab red for the basecoat and working up to pure blazing orange.  The extreme highlights are blazing orange and bleached bone.

Looking at my photos gives me a good idea of where I need to rework areas.  From the picture above I decided I would need to repaint the helm ‘attachments’ as I am wasn’t pleased with the blending.

Moving on from here I chose to work on the metallic elements.  As I’d done a lot of NMM practice I thought I’d go with true metals on this guy.  I want to work on both techniques until I decide which I’ll go with for Marneus.  I repeated the Althuan method from Darren Lathams article in White Dwarf. 

Gold Colours

1:1 scorched brown/shining gold>several layers thinned shining gold>Baal red wash>devlan mud wash>Badab Black wash>rework with Shining gold>work up to Burnished gold>1:1 burnished gold/mithril silver>final highligh Mithril silver.  I adde some verdigree to the gold using a glaze of hawk turquoise and then a 1:1 glaze of hawk turquiose and bleached bone.

For the cloak I thought long and hard about what colours to go with.  I didn’t want to go to dark like a black or grey so I decided that Green might be better.  I’d only ever worked on ork flesh in a green so it was nice to use a relatively new series of highlights.  I am still not 100% convinced of the fit of the green cloak on a Khorne warrior so appreciate any thoughts on that.

I also painted the skulls working up from Khemri brown, shaded with devlan mud and badab black in deep recesses and then highlighted through bleached bone up to skull white.

I started to fill in the details on the body, paint the boots and redo the helm attachments.  I also broke out my trusty winsor & newton miniature 000 to do the eyes.  I also painted the horn on the shoulder.  I started with scorched brown> graveyard earth>debneb stone>skull white.

The boots I chose to do black.  I used Wiltrichs guide to black for these.  The trick is to use a non black basecoat 🙂

I now decided I needed to get cracking with the arms.  The main focal points for these are the massive axe blade and the shield.  I wanted another go at the directional lighting effect I used on Althuan as the layers were not good on his sword so I recreated the process on the axe.  I looked at loads of minis on coolminiornot to get an idea of where the highlights should go.

The shield I decided should be red to match the armour.  I am thinking about going back and adding some battle damage to the armour so I gave the shield a simple coat at the moment.  I mirrors the colours for the armour.  Not 100% sure with the finish but am relatively pleased and I’ll wait until I have added the verdigree to the gold to see if any tweeks are needed.

Last bit of work I have done is to attach the axe arm.

New Piccies with shield arm attached

The final stage of this mini was to work on the base which was something I had not done before.  Previously I have simple sanded the base and painted that up but for this guy I needed to try something new with a mind on GD next year.

I have the Warhammer basing kit and decided to use the skull collection from that and I wanted to work some layers into the base to give the model a plinth effect.  To this end I built up a crescent layer at the back of a 60mm circular base with ‘green stuff’ and placed some slate pieces on the LH and RH side of this layer.  The front of the base is lower and thats where I inserted the skull collection. 

When the Green stuff was dried I pasted on some PVA glue being careful to avoid the rocks and skull collection and then sanded over the glue.  When dry I spray undercoated black and started painting.  The skulls I did the same as the skulls on the mini itself, the stones and sand I followed my ever useful friend Wiltrich’s guide on his site.

All in all I am really pleased and I hope you like what I’ve achieved.  I really like the armour and the axe blade.  One of my main aims was to improve on my blending and I think the cloak shows that I have done a better job than on Althuan.  I know this was my first sculpted base but I really want to take a step on with my next display mini.  Please check out the finished mini in the Gallery.

Cheers Will

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