WIP – Mounted Lord of Nurgle

Posted on July 25, 2011



Thanks to everyone that voted on the poll!  It was fun to leave my next project in the hands of others.  Quite liberating….I recommend it.  All that aside, I started work tonight on the Chaos Lord.

I have decided to veer away from the familiarity of Khorne colour schemes as the purpose of this blog is to progress.  Therfore I have jumped through the warp and cosied up with the pestilential Nurgle!  The reason for this is that I have a great looking step by step guide from GW and there are some new colours for me to be going on with.  I’m also buzzed about the muted tones and weathered look to Nurgle as this is something I’ve not tried before.  This mini will also help me with my blending on the armour.

I started by cleaning up all the pieces, spending longer on this mini than I have on previous minis.  I didn’t realise how long people spent on prep until I read some of the posts on coolminiornot and boy was there a lot to de when I took the clean up seriously.  Previously I would rush through prep as I was to excited about the painting….only to get annoyed trying to paint round a mould line or something I missed.

Here is the mini all nicely primed with GW Chaos Black undercoat….wondering if this is a bit glossy and whether I should try to find a matt primer?  I also toyed with the idea of giving a dusting of white primer to show up the detail.

After that I started on the horsey 🙂 Painting the flesh with scorched brown and then 3 layers of 1:1 badab black/ogryn flesh wash.  I tried a new trick of drying the wash with the mini upside down so that the shade stayed in the right places rather than pooling at the bottom of the shaded areas which would actually catch the light more.  It worked a treat.  Picture has not done me any favours with the lighting..only WIP though so will get better pics as we progress.

For the next stage I worked up the flesh going back over with scorched brown, then adding some dark flesh, then scab red  and finally some vomit brown until I was at 50:50 previous mix and vomit brown for the ligaments.  I’m pleased with the results as this is my first horse.

I’ll work on the branding next and have some ideas on making them festering with little outbreaks of pustules!

So its been a day or two off the painting and I’ve been thinking about the brands on the horse’s hide.  I went with a base of scab red, then 50:50 scorched brown/vomit brown and then added some bleached bone for the final highlight.  I found these tough to paint as they were a bit narrow.  To add a bit of depth I glazed with scab red then added some thin areas of scab red and 50:50 warlock purple and scab red. 

I wanted to make the area around the brand look sore but haven’t been able to achieve this yet.

In the next pictures I have started work on the barding.  I have blended up from 2:1 Catachan Green and chaos black up to rotting flesh for the extreme highlights.  I will be going back to the face guard and tidying that up to get the highlights crisper.

I’ll be using some glazes of purple, red and green in the shadows as I aim to practice my shading.

Quick update tonight.  I spent some time deepening the shades, levelling off some of the highlights and crispening up the edges of the barding and shin guards.  Shades were glazes of Leviathan purple and Gryphonne sepia with some Sunburst yellow.

I’ve continued to work on the armour and I really want to get this done as well and I can.  I’ve been playing about with the transitions and neatening  up some of the edge highlights and now I am happy with how it looks.

Then I moved onto the leather straps painting them Chaos black then adding more rotting flesh up to about 1:2 black/rotting flesh.  I paid less attention to the saddle as the rider will cover this up.

Finally I had a stab at the chainmail which I wanted to look really worn and almost organic.  I started with Boltgun metal then chose areas for three different glazes.  Catachan green, Hawk turquoise and Vermin Brown.  I mixed these 1:10ish with water so that they were nice thin glazes and built up the intensity of colour where I most wanted it.  Final touch was a light drybrush of chainmail to bring the links back out.


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