Rackham up….

Posted on August 18, 2011


So I was thinking about what to write for my next post and I was really struggling but I have actually been up to a hell of a lot whilst working on my Nurgle Lord….which needs an update in the WIP.  Here is a run down of whats going on to satisfy my Inner Demon!

Spending Money

Whilst browsing the galleries on Coolminiornot I discovered an unhealthy love of Rackham miniatures.  For those of you not aware of Rackham they are/were an amazing miniature manufacturer that had some stunning mini’s which they produced for a number of gaming platforms.  They are no longer in existence although their miniatures are being slowly re released about 4 per month by another company that has acquired the rights.

One way to lose a lot of money quickly is to go on Ebay and start buying up some of the choice minis like I did.  I have a taste for the Dwarves of Tir -Na-Bor and have secured a few to paint over the next few months.  This guy is going to be my next project 😉

Skillz to pay the Billz

I was struggling with a couple of areas of technique, mainly my blending which I was happy with but couldn’t see how to progress.  The internet showed me the way to Miniature Mentors website where I stumped up for their Complete Solution download.  I thought this was a great tutorial to watch because it explains technique to a certain degree but it also gives you the opportunity to watch a pro painter at work which gives such amazing insight.  There is a lot I want to put to the test and I have already started on the robe for my Nurgle Lord.

So now I have loads of inspiration, too many minis to paint and a head full of ideas on how to paint them…..just need to pick up my brushes and get going.  Lots more piccies coming soon!




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