WIP – Bal-Torg the Elder

Posted on August 23, 2011


Hey Guys,

I wanted to take a mini break from the Nurgle Lord to paint something bright and cheery so I started on Bal-Torg the Elder, one of my recent Rackham purchases.

I’ve deliberately gone with bright red cloak at the moment and have been working on my blending here.  I followed the technique as described on the Miniature Mentor dvd building up over many layers.  I am really pleased with the effect and the only difficulty I have had has been working on the small areas with thin paints…..maybe I need to thicken up a bit for the extreme edges?

The hair is basecoated with Shadow grey as the red has some blue working into the shading and I wanted to tie the two colours in together.  Skin is basecoated over several layers using Tallern flesh – not hightlights or shades on these areas yet.

To highlight the hair I have built up from shadow grey adding increasing amounts of Space Wlf grey.  I wanted to purely highlight thi hair but when I had finished the highlights i realised it was a bit one dimensional so I then added some shades by dropping a small amount of black into the shadow grey.  I think I still need to add more highlights as I want the hair to have a brighter feel.

The face was shaded by adding increasing amounts of scortched brown into the Tallern flesh as the brown is a red/brown and ties into the robe.  I glazed the nose and lips using a very thin application of Scab red and built up in many layers.  The highlight are Tallern flesh built up towards Elf flesh then some elf flesh with a little drop of white.  Eyes are wkull white with a drop of chaos black and I then came back with a small reflective dot of Skull white.

So if you’ve been checking out the NMM post you’ll know that I have done a few more bits on this guy.  I wanted to richen up the hair a bit so have carefully added a bit of red into the shading and worked more on the highlights to give a larger area of the hair more brightness building the contrast.

I have also been working on the NMM blade as seen in the thread and have basecoated the gold with Snakebite Leather.

I shaded the NMM gold first by adding increasing amounts of GW Dark Flesh and the final shade was GW Scortched Brown with a little dark flesh.  The highlights are Snakebite Leather with increasing amounts of Bleached bone with pure skull white as the Light points.


I haven’t painted in ages so apologies for the gap in posts.  I have worked up the gloves and the orbs on the Glaive hilt and Staff.

The gloves I painted in pure Snakebite Leather, shaded by adding dark flesh and then for the deepest shades I put a tiny drop of Chaos black in.  I used really thin dillution pushing the paint towards where I wanted the shadows to appear.  Highlights were Snakebite leather with increasing amounts of bleached bone in.

The orbs I am really pleased with.  I started with about six or seven very thin coats of Hawk Turquoise with a tiny amount of bleached bone.  The shadows were built up by adding increasing amounts of Regal Blue into Hawk Turquoise and the final stage had a tiny drop of Chaos Black added.

Question……What colours should I be using for the binding on his beard?  I am thinking about using the leather colour again?  Any thoughts?

They say its all in the detail and boy were they right!  I’ve been filling in the fiddly bits now.  Chosen my colours for the vials and staff etc.  The next pictures have taken about a cumulutive 3-4hours painting.  I had to re do the bindings as I originally had them too similarly coloured to the gloves and NMM gold.


  • Think about detail colour at the start when you decide overall colour scheme
  • Don’t rush the detail parts as any small mistakes show up more on these areas and are harder to correct.
  • Paint needn’t be as thin as you want it to ‘pop’ and it tricky to build up several layers on tiny areas and keep it neat.

Nearly there…..


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