Posted on August 31, 2011


As the title suggests I’ve been reacquainting myself with non metallic metals and it’s not going to plan.  I’m working on Bal-torg the Elder from Rackham and I really want to push on my NMM on him.  One of the main eye catchers on this mini is his sword.  I wanted the NMM to be one of the focal points which means its got to be good!

………and here is my first attempt

You’ll notice straight away that some areas just don’t seem to work.  The light is zenithal from above although I’ll make it come slightly from the left hand side to create a bit of character.  The highlights and shadows don’t seem to work together and the shadows are  a bit heavy in areas making them one-dimensional.  Essentially I am making my life hard for myself as the blade is flat but I am trying to create a sculped and curved effect on the flat of the blade to create more interest.  With this in mind I decided to rework the blade a bit.  Before doing this I decided to sketch out the blade to see if I could visualise the light/shadows a bit better and give myself a guide to work from.

This gives me something clearer to work with and I’ll post a new image when I have painted the sucka!

Well, its been a while so here is the latest version of the sword blade following the diagram above.  I used the same blending technique but have just adjusted the light and shade points.  There are a few areas I think need to be added to but haven’t had time to put brush to mini for a while.

I’ve painted the gold in this next image – a nice improvement on my Sanguinor and Commander Dante so I’m pleased 🙂

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