We march for Macragge!

Posted on March 3, 2012


Golden Demon 2012 run in starts here!  Baltorg the elder was a real improvement for me and I am keen to test my skills on a Games Workshop mini.  As I am painting Marneus for GD 2012 I cannot think of anything better to try than an Ultramarine.

I picked up the plastic Space Marine command squad boxset a while ago and have made 3 marines up so far.  Two are basecoated ready for a tutorial class I am going to do at sometime.  For my next WIP I am going to paint the Apothecary as I think he’s a cool mini with a reasonable amount of detail.  The honor guard for Marneus is bedecked in finery so I need to get comfortable with painting details and making the work look crisp!

Things I need to work out:

What my Ultramarine colour scheme will be – light ot dark etc etc

How I’m going to handle NMM on smaller detail

Do I go straight Eavy Metal style edge highlighting or OSL (Object Source Lighting) approach.

Lets see how I get on.

Cheers, Will

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