WIP – Ultramarine Apothecary

Posted on March 3, 2012


Hey there guys.  Welcome to the WIP on my latest mini.  As mentioned in the last post – I want a test model for my GD entry.  I am painting the Apothecary from the Games Workshop plastic boxset.

I tried to spend more time prepping this mini and found two things out.  Don’t use a needle file to take off mould lines.  The abrasions make a rough surface that affects the paint smoothness.  Scrape the mould lines off with your craft knife instead.  Autosmoothness.  Just be careful not to slip!  Secondly, choose carefully if you want to assemble the mini before you paint.  This Apothecary has lots of tricky to reach areas and if assembled the painting would be tricky.

My last post listed 3 things I want to focus on this mini.  In a nutshell they were:

What colours and mixes am I going to use on my UM’s, can I cope with fine detail NMM and which lighting style to focus on.  I’ll discuss the two first ones during the WIP.  for lighting I have been massively inspired by Arsies and Julian Casses work so am going to try OSL which they have both used to amazing effect.


I’m going to roughly follow a GW guide for painting Captain Sicarus which uses a Regal blue basecoat and mixes in Ultramarine Blue and then Spacewolf grey highlights.  I’m going to veer away from the guide by adding Dark Flesh into the Regal blue for the shadows as I read that shadows should contain some of the warm ground tones.

I am really pleased with the improvement on my blending for Baltorg so this OSL approach will push me further as it utilises extreme highlight and shadows.  lets see how we get on!

Above shows the first step highlights and shadow.  I’ve also basecoated the gold parts using 1:1 Calthan Brown and Snakebite leather.  On the image showing the back I wasn’t happy with the top of the LH leg as it just didn’t look crisp enough and there is too much highlight in there.  More work to do with shadows and edges.

I’ve now tidied up the LH leg and pushed the shadows further.  I’ve also used pure Chaos black in the grooved and niches in the armour.  This in hindsight has added much needed contrast with the lighter edges.  You may notice that I have chosen the light to come down over the RH side of the marine which is why the LH leg in the rear shot shows a larger area of highlight.

Added more Dark flesh into final shadow and then uses a glaze of pure dark flesh to add the warm tones mentioned at the start.  Also had a go at the NMM gold on the aquila and its gone OK.  The shadows are Snakebite leather + darkflesh, then pure dark flesh and then dark flesh with Chaos black.  Highlights see bleached bone added to the Snakebite leather up to pure BB then White for the reflective spots.

I’ve painted the Helmet which was a but of an undertaking in the end.  White is well known as being the bane of most painters and I completely undertand why.  Its so tricky to get a clean, smooth blend!!!

I used 1:1 Astronomican grey and Codex grey and then shaded down adding a little chaos black.  Highlights saw me using more and more White into the basemix.

I’ve also basecoated the metal work and had a stab at the chemical vials.  The only thing I am not 100% with are the reflective lines on the vials but I am not too bothered about this as they isn’t anything similar on the Marneus squad HAHA!  Still need them to look good as I want to pay attention to the detail parts.

I also glazed the aquila with yellow to make is pop a bit more 🙂

More progress.  Vials and NMM silver painted.  Then I did the weapons, arms and backpack.  Pretty pleased with the Hazard scheme on the chainblade cover.

Visit the gallery to see the finished pics.