Posted on April 5, 2012


Hi guys,

Every journey ultimately delivers the traveller to a junction of some sorts and the road to GD 2012 has finally brought me to one of my very own.

I’ve finished my first Ultramarine test model and its thrown out some choices for me to make.  Some I have mentioned in previous posts, others reared their heads during the painting process.

Firstly, although I love all the lore behind spacemarines and physically I think they are amazing minis, I sometimes get bored painting them.  My mind wanders onto much more rugged style minis and I am currently fighting the urge to paint something with loads of uneven surfaces and lots of skin areas such as some Minotaurs or Orks.  It’s all the hard flat armour-plate that every so often does it for me, that and I hate painting edge lines.  All this said, I love this squad and its that which is keeping me on brief at the moment.

Secondly, I am still not convinced about my NMM skills.  I have progressed with the gold but my steel is still off.  I am going to a painting course later in the year which I hope will iron out my inadequacies but I am still going to prep some minis with true metals just incase.

Third decision is basing.  I have the coolest idea in mind for this squad but I am not sure I have the knowledge or experience to pull it off.  I am wondering whether to keep the base very simple instead of my grandiose plans.  I will talk more about this idea at a later stage because I don’t want to get ahead of myself to early.

What I am trying to sort out in my head is whether to stay on track or tear up the Marneus idea and start over.  So far I’m still 100% committed to this but I have definite barriers to overcome before I am convinced that I can get my finalist pin with these minis.

More WIPS to come, I have lots to paint so onwards and upwards.




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