Waaaaargh Grimgor!

Posted on May 3, 2012


I’ve finished the Ultramarine Sargeant and am taking a break from blue for a while and putting my learnings on blending to practice on this mini.  Where my last two models have be testers to establish my style and pallette for Marneus I am going to paint this mini to the very best of my ability to see where I am at skillz wise.

I have decided on a traditional red and black/white checker pattern for Grimgor and am going for a pastelly green/yellow skin rather than a very dark green.  Metals will be true metals rather than NMM for a change and I am going to do some battle damage on the armour.

For the reds I’ll be using a different colour to shade rather than my usual Regal blue.  I have picked up the new GW base colour Incubi Darkness as its a lovely dark greeny blue and I think this will really complement what I am going to do with the skin tones.  Over all I want a really high contrast finish so am going to push the extreme shadows and highlights quite far.

The base will be relatively elaborate for me and I have made a start already and will be getting that up to date before I get too far down the road on the miniature.

Final point of difference on this guy is an alternative undercoat method which is evident in these next pictures.  I went with Black base and then dusted white directly from above to show where the zenithal light highlights should go.  As I paint using thinned paints this white does shine through and really helps the highlights stand out.  Anyway, enough blathering for now….here are my first shots.  Comments and critiques welcome…keep em constructive.

The skin is basecoated with a mix of 85:5:5:5 Catachan green, Tallern Flesh, Warlock Purple and hawk turqouise.  The red is shaded by adding vallejo Deep dea blue to the Scab red.

Here is the head basecoated using the skin mix above and then shaded using increasing amounts of Scortched brown and a bit of warlock purple.

The next images are a successive steps on the armour.  I added increasing amounts of Deep Sea green to the shadows and for the highlights I worked up from scab red to blood red, blood red to blazing orange and then added some vomit brown.

I painted the white with a base of Dhebneb stone and then free handed the checks using thinned chaos black.  The battle damage on the checks is later removed in favour of a different execution.

The golds are basecoat of Tin Bitz then highlighted up to pure shining gold with some Haawk turqoiuse glazed into the cracks and recesses for verdigris.

Here is the new iteration of the back plate.  I think it looks much better.

In the picture above you can see that I have started the axe head.  This is painted with a base of boltgun metal, shaded with glazes of regal blue then very thin Chaos black.  The style I went for is an NMM technique using real metallics.  I added some rust with Vermin brown glazes and then Bestial brown in the dirtiest areas and battle damage with thin stripes of chaos black and edge highlighted with mithril silver.

You can also see some more work on the armour with battle damage done with chaos black and edged with vomit brown.

PRO TIP….when painting battle damage its neater to paint the edge highlight first and then add the black or whatever darker colour you are using.  This from Tommie Soule of Golem Painting.  It works, try it 🙂

First shots of the base using layers of cork to build the shape, milliput to add some hight and pre made bricks for the road.  I added a root from the garden for interest below ground.

Here ar esome more detailed piccies to show where I am currently.  Really starting to come together now.

Base is coming together.  I used a lot of techniques taken from the Miniature Mentor Ben Komets video.  Fantastic guide on how to build display bases.  Believe it or not but the gaming base is build into the road so Grimgor can be taken out for gaming.

So this is about the last piccie before I’ve finished and you can see all the detail that I have now added.  I went to a painting day with Tommie Soule and he advised that for Golden Demon to work the reds as high as possible and to come back and make the face brighter as it has to be the focal point of the mini.  You can see the finished pictures in my gallery.

Thats all for Grimgor and me, thanks for reading and see you in another WIP.



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