WIP Deathwatch Marines

Posted on March 6, 2013



Turns out my Wife’s bosses son used to be into miniatures and after seeing the work I did on Grimgor he wanted me to paint some mini’s for his boy.  He has chosen a squad of Deathwatch Marines and this WIP chronicles my progress.

The kit I am using is a standard Tactical squad supplemented with the Deathwatch conversion set from Games Workshop.  I am also using some weapons and banner from the Command Squad box for added interest.

The paint scheme is black with the marines original chapter shoulder markings on the right hand shoulder.  I am going for a glossy black clean finish and am putting techniques learned on the Golem NMM painting day to good use.

Steve1 Steve2

The armour is basecoated with a mix of 80:20 Chaos Black and Codex grey.  I’ve worked up through pure codex, to fortress grey then Space wolf grey then Skull White.  Light points a on reflective points to give shine.

Steve4 Steve5

More work on the armour and red base on the Blood Angel shoulder pad which is going to get a free hand symbol.  The Deathwatch shoulder pad is silver exterior and gold interior.

Steve6 Steve7 Steve8 Steve9 Steve10 Steve11 Steve12 Steve13

Here the marine is almost finished.  I painted the claws using a Dark Angel green and highlighted up by adding in Bleached Bone.  The power coil and lens on the Plasma Pistol use the same colours.

Steve14 Steve15 Steve16 Steve17 Steve18 Steve19

Group shot of other squad members so far.  You can see that with the second marine I have gone for an Imperial Fist.  Again, the shoulder pad is free hand.


This is the 3rd marine and I love the beaky helmet.  He’s going to be holding a banner which will be be freehand painted.