Chaos Lord on Juggernaut

I really like this guy, the model is so well designed that I had to paint him.  The paint job is a straight copy from the box he comes in.

This is the first miniature I painted with a lot of red areas.  Whereas the Juggernaut is a very dark red with extreme edge highlighting, the armour on the warrior is a lot brighter.  I think this really makes him stand out on the mount.  The juggernaut works up from 3:1 chaos black/scab red, the armour works up from scab red shaded with Badab black wash.

As you cannot see the back of the miniature on the box I had to visualise the cloak colours and I went for two tones of dark and light to make it look like a wild animal pelt. 

I modelled the base myself using ‘greenstuff’ and rolling it into a thin layer, laying this on the base and then scoring it with a compass to denote the lava cracks.

One Response “Chaos Lord on Juggernaut” →
  1. I really love the base on this one; it just completes the model so much more than if it was on a regular base, or even on a modelled base that featured more ordinary elements. The red colour details on the juggernaut’s armour plates are nice too, they make it feel somehow more aggressive than if it was plainer.


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