Chaos Warrior of Khorne

Hey guys,

Finally I can load this guy on as he’d entered into the painting comp over on Wiltrichs site.  I am really pleased with how he turned out and I learned so much and feel I have improved loads on this mini.  Hope you like, feel free to jump over to Coolminiornot and vote!



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  1. I really am a big fan of the way this axe looks. The NMM aproach is one I’m divided on; on the one hand I think it looks spectacular sometimes, but it sometimes makes the model feel a little more fake to me. It suits certain painting styles well, though, and I like the results in this case.

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  1. WIP – Chaos Champion « willsinnerdemon

    […] All in all I am really pleased and I hope you like what I’ve achieved.  I really like the armour and the axe blade.  One of my main aims was to improve on my blending and I think the cloak shows that I have done a better job than on Althuan.  I know this was my first sculpted base but I really want to take a step on with my next display mini.  Please check out the finished mini in the Gallery. […]

  2. Blood for the Blood God indeedy « willsinnerdemon

    […] After much anticipation and patience the closing date for Wiltrichs painting comp is up and that means I’ve been able to load the Warrior of Khorne into the Gallery.  I’m pleased with how he turned out.  Look in the WIP for final touches and see the finished pics here. […]

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