Empire Warrior Priest

One from the Old Skool!  I used to own an Empire army in my youth so I was keen to paint some Empire minis.  I love this priest, he looks hard as nails!  This is one of my first miniatures that I painted fully since I started back in the hobby so you can see the where I am improving!

I was super impressed with this guy when I first finished him but now there are some elements I wished that I had more skills on.  I am pleased with his robes and the detailing on the belt.  His skin and face are OK but I think he looks a bit scared?

The robes followed a technique that uses colour to shade.  With red you can shade with blue or green if you want to.  It adds a bit more depth.  In this instance I chose blue.  The basecoat was several thin layers of scab red.  The first shade was 50:50 scab red and chaos black, then 1:3 red to black again.  I then highlighted starting with a layer of scab red again, adding blood red until I got to pure blood red, then 1:1 blood red and blazing orange and an edge highlight of pure blazing orange.  The blue shade was 1:1 chaos black and regal blue, then a glaze of pure regal blue in the deep recesses.

The area I am not happy with is the metallics.  On this mini I was not competent at thinning my metallic paints and the end result is too thick and the transitions are very severe.  The difference between layers is very obvious.  I now thin my metallics as much as normal paints. 

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