Grimgor Ironhide

Well here are the finished pictures for Grimgor Ironhide, my Golden Demon 2012 Warhammer Single Miniature entry.  I’m gutted he didn’t make the final but at least I still have something to aim for!  Hope you like him.  Will

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  1. What a Beautiful thing it is in the end eh?

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  1. I lost myinnerdemon « willsinnerdemon

    […] this I have unfortunately failed.  I put my heart and soul into my Grimgor Ironhide miniature but he didn’t make the grade.  Some of you may be wondering how this has made me […]

  2. Waaaaargh Grimgor! « willsinnerdemon

    […] So this is about the last piccie before I’ve finished and you can see all the detail that I have now added.  I went to a painting day with Tommie Soule and he advised that for Golden Demon to work the reds as high as possible and to come back and make the face brighter as it has to be the focal point of the mini.  You can see the finished pictures in my gallery. […]

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