I’m back, hold me back buddy!!

October 25, 2011


Hey guys, I’ve been sooo inactive on the painting front but I have a good excuse!  I’ve been off getting married and touring California which was a blast.  After the whirlwind of the wedding et al I’ve taken a few days to just chill and get my mojo back. I’m starting to feel a real […]

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August 31, 2011


As the title suggests I’ve been reacquainting myself with non metallic metals and it’s not going to plan.  I’m working on Bal-torg the Elder from Rackham and I really want to push on my NMM on him.  One of the main eye catchers on this mini is his sword.  I wanted the NMM to be one of the focal […]

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WIP – Bal-Torg the Elder

August 23, 2011


Hey Guys, I wanted to take a mini break from the Nurgle Lord to paint something bright and cheery so I started on Bal-Torg the Elder, one of my recent Rackham purchases. I’ve deliberately gone with bright red cloak at the moment and have been working on my blending here.  I followed the technique as described on […]

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Rackham up….

August 18, 2011


So I was thinking about what to write for my next post and I was really struggling but I have actually been up to a hell of a lot whilst working on my Nurgle Lord….which needs an update in the WIP.  Here is a run down of whats going on to satisfy my Inner Demon! Spending […]

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Blood for the Blood God indeedy

August 8, 2011


Hey Guys, After much anticipation and patience the closing date for Wiltrichs painting comp is up and that means I’ve been able to load the Warrior of Khorne into the Gallery.  I’m pleased with how he turned out.  Look in the WIP for final touches and see the finished pics here. Feel free to stop […]

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WIP – Mounted Lord of Nurgle

July 25, 2011


Hey, Thanks to everyone that voted on the poll!  It was fun to leave my next project in the hands of others.  Quite liberating….I recommend it.  All that aside, I started work tonight on the Chaos Lord. I have decided to veer away from the familiarity of Khorne colour schemes as the purpose of this blog […]

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Its not over until the Blood God sings!

July 24, 2011


Hey, My Chaos Warrior is now finished, based up and looking like a nice improvement for me.  I cannot post pictures at the moment as I’m entering him into Wiltrichs 1st online painting competition and wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise. I am really happy with how he turned out and especially pleased with the […]

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